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Krafty Dime, LLC, at its discretion, will embroider/print customer supplied garments, however, we do not encourage it. There is a 5% chance that our machines will malfunction, therefore, we cannot assume responsibility of your garment. This is why we prefer to work on garments from our suppliers that Krafty Dime, LLC may easily replace.


The customer assumes all liability for any items that sustain machine damage while at our business location. Krafty Dime, LLC will not replace customer-supplied goods if this occurs.


Please note that Krafty Dime, LLC will take the best possible care with supplied goods. However, any machine is subject to occasional malfunctions.


Krafty Dime, LLC reserves the right to decline the acceptance of customer-supplied goods.

The garments must be new material only.

All setup and art fees will still apply and minimum quantities may be required.

Thank you for your submission!


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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